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April 1, 2012
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Happy April Fools Day by unconventionalsenshi Happy April Fools Day by unconventionalsenshi
everything to please Major General Whiskers and support the Feline UpRising... :salute:


ps. so happy they didn't choose dogs or any other animals to do this joke. Cats will rule the world in the end anyway and they are the only creatures capable of sabotaging humans. My kitty has proven this today, waking me up after I had 5 hrs of sleep, walking all over my face and puking a hairball all over the floor later :D She must be in on the uprising too :XD: I even suspect that she is General Whisker's ex-lover or sumthin :B
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Mirax-chan Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gatcha Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
awww, i kinda missed this event... T______T and i love cats so much!! OTL
she's really cute though!! lucky you! :meow: :heart:
was it because you broke your laptop too? T___________T
Gatcha Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah. ;-; also, i'm in bulgaria now, so i'm out most of the time. :XD:
You are? So cool.:) So hey, did your sis stay in Hong Kong? I bet you missed home and are happy to be back atm? :aww:
Gatcha Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, totally. :aww: Although I miss my sister a lot...and I do miss Hong Kong too. :c I kinda got used to it. I even met a hot guy I really liked, and the sex was really good. But I had to leave just when it was getting interesting. ;__; </3

Ironically, just before I left I got a few job offers - to work as an au pair for a rich family's and to teach English and drama to little kindergarten kids, both of which sounded super cute (I wouldn't like teaching older kids, but I'm used to baby sitting my cousin's 7-year old and I even kind of have fun playing with her and teaching her to draw and write. :3) Besides, the pay was quite nice.

Buuuut the visa thing screwed me up in the end. OTL Both employers were looking for someone who already had a visa. =_= Oh well. I found out that people with teaching qualifications get visas a lot easier but you need to go on a 1 year course to get the certificate and I'm not sure I want to do the plunge. Then again, if I can't find a well-paid job here or in the UK I might do it. *-*

And how are things with you? Are you also on the lookout for a job?

Oh god, sorry for the ridiculously long reply. XD
Aww, that sucks :< Damn you, Visas!
Me, I'm totally stuck in a rut of passiveness U_U I think I will stay like that forever :fear: I'm telling it's my cat that prevents me from moving somewhere and doing something, but it's bullshit, I'm just lazy and used to that ^_^. I can't live my life for a cat, right? ;p But that cat... she is really demanding and needs my constant affection....
lol XD
Gatcha Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i feel exactly the same way. ._. i just don't know what i want to do, so i end up just doing nothing. now that i'm in Bulgaria, i decided to give working here a try, even though people around me think I'm insane. XD truth be told i've never really lived and worked in our capital, so it seems kinda like an adventure. so i applied for like 3 jobs and got an interview on the next day. i passed round one over the phone and now i need to go in person. but the job is soooo boooriiiing. it's something like admin/call center job in German. in some German mobile company. URGH. everyone tells me that the pay is really good for Bulgarian standards (more than my friends here are earning) but compared to English standards it seems laughable. but night life is better and cheaper here, definitely, and I have many friends living nearby. wonder if that will equal out? Somehow I doubt it. XD if i do get it i'll probably quit in like, a week, and go crying back to London to live under a bridge somewhere. :B

and i am totally envious of your cat!! i move around so much that i have forbidden myself to take in any more animals, even though i really, really want one! i keep promising myself i'll adopt an animal or even two once i'm settled but by the way things are going that would be like, never. T_T
Then, you should totally give it a try :nod: If I understand correctly, for this job you will be outside of your typical hometown, right? So it's still going bigger and an adventure :aww: But, you're right, it's the same in Poland. Living costs and clubbing might be more expensive in the UK, but at least you have the money to spend from U_U I personally know that I would rather spend much more on simple things, but not be scared to spend it, than save on cheap accomodation and food in Poland, but still be broke more or less :B
That's probably why I never made any major savings while living abroad, I'm just not good at saving up, I kinda lived the way I lived back at home and spent even MORE on clubbing and I also would go to tanning salon quite often, even though, compared to prices in poland, a tanning session was at least 10 times more expensive O.o seriously, the beds -argh- so expwnsive :fear: But I couldn't say no to that, it was more of a psychological thing, snce UV exposure actually lifts up your mood, I use it when I'm really down (actually reccomended by a shrink) lol. Luckily I'm no longer addicted to that >.< (just sometimes :blush:)
Anyways, you're better off without a cat, I tell you that! It's so hard to separate with it, she's like my baby U_U Kinda blocks my moves :B I totally have my parents to leave her with, but there are times when I don't go back home for the night and she is SO FREAKED out when I show up U_U The maximum I was away this month was 3 days, and my mum on the phone said the cat is acting weird, sleeping in my bed, not coming down, as if waiting for me U_U. It's really breaking my heart, how am I supposed to leave her for a longer period of time in such situation? She's likre a dog, so attatched U_U
Btw, if you get that job you will be using German but still in Bulgaria, right? How good is your German anyways ? :D I sooo wish I studied German harder while in school >,< but I totally slacked around and focused on English instead U_U I really regret it, German is such a useful and important language in Europe :eager: I atually wish I could go and live in Germany, it would be closer than the UK and I bet it's a cooler more tolerant and progressive country than mine :meow: And German people, they seem totally laid back and minding their own bussiness :blush: That's something I really appreciate in a community :XD:
sorry for the long-ass post, tee-hee
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humpadinkhuckleberry Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
i wanna poke that cat
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